What is a molebear?

An evil scientist named Dr. Franken created molebears by gene splicing a mole and a bear. No one knows why he did it. The molebears broke out of his lab and rapidly spread across the world, even into space. They have adapted to many environments, so come in many types and sizes

Comment: I’m not an artist by trade, but I learned slowly. The molebears are not complicated and I only had to draw the top part of their body. Once I drew the first one, the others became more natural since they had similar outlines.

See my sketches  and compare them to the final product

Types of Molebears

Terms: Hammer = Tap, Club = Swipe, Drill = Hold for 1 second

Common Green Molebear


Weakness: Hammer, Drill

Special Power: None

Comment: First and most common molebear in the game. Perfect introduction to the game. I made him blink and kind of clueless, because I just wanted to see if I can animate blinking. It turned out quite well.

Video: Basic Gameplay

Grumpy Brown Molebear


Weakness: Club, Drill

Special Power: None

Comment: This is the molebear I drew first and was the basis for all other molebears. I basically wanted to have spiky hair on top, then the puffs of hair on each cheek was sort of natural in the sketching process. All molebears then had these features, even the molebot! He is the first molebear that must be swiped. He snorts out smoke, but is quite harmless.

Video: Green and Brown Molebear



Weakness: Hammer, Drill

Special Power: Throws a snowball, covering the screen

Comment: I love the name of this molebear. I wanted the player to travel across the world and had to have at least one cold location. First molebear to attack the player if left alone. The snowball covers the screen in attempts to confuse the player more. It took a whole day to animate the arm movement.

Video: Eskimolebear

Boxing Molebear


Weakness: Club, Drill

Special Power: Double punches the player if left alone. Counterattacks with a single punch if he is tapped (hit with a hammer). His up time is the longest of all molebears, staying there for a whole minute punching the daylights out of players.

Comment: I was originally going to call this molebear: Molehammad Ali, but the name was too long. I seriously drew this guy because I thought the name was clever. I didn’t end up using the name anymore, but the molebear’s powers were too cool to leave out of the game. This is the only molebear where the arm shows consistently. Drawing the arm positions took a good two days and animating the double punch took another two days. I started drawing this molebear by taking the grumpy brown molebear and putting boxing gear on top of him.

Video: Boxing Molebear

Scuba Molebear


Weakness: Drill

Special Power: None

Spawn: Only one scuba molebear will appear at a time

Comment: I wanted to make an underwater stage, so I created this molebear. No underwater stage, but there’s a beach with a prehistoric creature! Scuba molebear was going to rise up less than other molebears, but you would not be able to see his face, so he rises as high as other molebears now. The idea behind rising low was that only the drill could reach him. He doesn’t have any special powers because he’s the only molebear that can only be killed with a drill (excluding the bomb and trap). Having to drill while tapping and swiping really disrupts a player’s flow, so scuba molebear needs no powers.

Video: Scuba Molebear

Cindy Molebear


Weakness: All

Special Power: Attracts other molebears, causing them to spawn faster but unable to perform any actions

Spawn: Only one Cindy molebear can appear at a time

Comment: I just had to create a girl molebear! Making her cute was actually quite hard and I went through several sketches before ending up with this one. She was going to have a bow on her head instead of her neck, but I couldn’t draw it. I looked up alot of anime girl images and noticed the beanie and copied the big eyes. Her body to head ratio is also much smaller than the other molebears. The grumpy brown molebear was the original logo for the game, but after drawing her, I just had to make her the logo.

Video: Cindy Molebear

Billy the Molebear


Weakness: All

Special Power: Likes to challenge the player to a quickdraw, but gets mad if the player draws (hits him) too early and will shoot the player in that case. Pops up with a red light next to him. On a random timer, the light turns green and he draws a pair of six shooter pistols, indicating the quickdraw start. Hit him quickly then or he will shoot the player for significant damage and causing the whole screen to turn red for a bit.

Comment: What’s a game without cowboys? I ran across a picture of a crazy looking western cartoon guy and knew I had to create a cowboy molebear. His name is an homage to Billy the Kid of course. His pistols are bit hard to see due to being partially covered by the lair when they are drawn, but I haven’t had the desire to redraw him. He is especially annoying because you can not hit him right away, but must wait.

Video: Bill the Molebear

Army Molebear


Weakness: Stone Hammer, Bat, Drill

Special Power: Has double the life as previous molebears. Only the Molebot and Alien molebear has similar max life

Comment: The 3rd molebear I drew. When I first started the game, I only planned on 3 molebears: the green, brown, and the army molebear. He had higher life and had to be hit 3 times to defeat. The first hit breaks his helmet, the second removes the helmet revealing a bald head, and the third defeats him. He now only needs to be hit twice by the wooden hammer and once by the stone hammer. If you want to see the cracked helmet, use the Toy Hammer since it is weaker. In the full version of the game, he starts to spawn more than other molebears for the rest of the levels, forcing players to upgrade the hammer if they wish to progress easily in expert and maniac modes.

Video: Army Molebear

Red Blaze Molebear


Weakness: Hammer, Drill

Special Power: Splits into two, which escapes to other lairs if hit by a club (swiped). Player also takes damage for swiping a red blaze molebear. Can not be bombed

Comment: Ice and fire always goes together. I was very happy how the volcano background turned out and this molebear shows beautifully in it. He was originally going to spit fireballs at the player, but that’s too similar to the eskimolebear. The idea to make it “hard” to put out a fire came later if you hit him wrong. The army molebear and blaze molebears become the staple molebears in the latter part of the game.

Video: Blaze Molebear

Blue Blaze Molebear


Weakness: Club, Drill

Special Power: Splits into two, which escapes to other lairs if hit by a hammer (tap). Player also takes damage for tapping a blue blaze molebear. Can not be bombed

Comment: If the red blaze molebear splits on a swipe, I had to create an opposite that splits on a tap, so blue blaze was born. It was easy to switch the colors up, so the player sort of got a freebie for increasing the challenge. The original sketches of the blaze molebears looks way meaner than they are now.



Weakness: Club only for first hit, then Stone Hammer, or just Drill

Special Power: Either calls more molebears using a radio broadcast from its antenna or explodes for massive damage

Spawn: Only one Molebot can appear at a time

Comment: This molebear/bot is especially annoying. No matter what upgrade you have equipped, you must swipe him first and then tap him, making particularly hard to kill. That’s why I limited him to only one spawn at a time. My original sketch for him was more like a junkyard robot, but did not reflect the molebear features. I settled on inspiration from my favorite robot from a cartoon series I love: Futurama. Read his salutation to the player in the letter when you first unlock the Assembly Line level.

Video: Molebot

Alien Molebear


Weakness: Stone Hammer, Bat, Drill

Special Power: Psychic powers stun the player, not allowing them to use any weapons and special weapons

Spawn: Only one Alien molebear can appear at a time

Comment: I want to make a space game someday, I have a great idea in my head. But for now, I’ll settle with a space molebear! No clever names here, I call him as he is. Obvious inspirations in the eyes. The jewel on his head was originally on his heart a la ET, but it wouldn’t stand out in a lair. When he uses his powers, the jewel actually turns red, but players probably won’t notice. He takes awhile to use his psychic powers, but when he does, the player is pretty much a goner in expert or maniac modes.

Other Types…


There have been sightings of a molebear as fast as lightning. They seem particularly hard to kill because they zip around the area


A molebear that has adopted the ancient warrior skills from the far east. How do you find something that wishes not to be found

Comment: These molebears may be in the next game update…

Have you seen more molebears? Tell us about it

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