Promotional and Basic How to Play Video

Promotional Video

Hear awesome music and learn about the game

Gameplay Video

Watch my fingers fly across the screen in this quick glimpse of the game play

Level and Molebear Introduction Videos

All Following videos are recorded using Kamcord on IOS, which is integrated directly in the game. It automatically records your game play and you can post it to your social networks: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook with a press of a button. I play Maniac for all levels, but you can play Beginner or Amateur for easier spawn rates.

World Map 1 – Prairie Mound, the Green Molebear and Brown Molebear

World Map 2 – Arctic Tundra and the Eskimolebear

World Map 3 – New Mole City and the Boxing Molebear

World Map 4 – Treasure Cove and the Scuba Molebear

World Map 5 – Candy Paradise and Cindy Molebear

World Map 6 – Sunny Dunes and Billy the Molebear

World Map 7 – Deep Jungle and the Army Molebear

World Map 8 – Lava Meadows and the Blaze Molebears

World Map 9 – Assembly Line and the Molebot

World Map 10 – Crater Moon and the Alien Molebear

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