Game modes

There are currently 3 game modes: World Map, Survival, and Custom.

World Map

worldmap This is the main part of the game. There are ten locations, each with 4 levels. The first level introduces you to the molebears in that location. The 2nd and 3rd levels increases the difficulty by spawner molebears faster and mixing in more types of them. The final level of each location has all molebears that have appeared up to that point.

worldmap_skillYou can complete the world map by difficulty: Beginner, Amateur, Expert, and Maniac. Unlocking a level in a harder difficulty, unlocks it for the lower difficulties also, but not vice versa. Therefore, we suggest you try the hardest difficulty you can manage, and if you can’t beat it, go to a lower difficulty for that level. You can then come back to the higher difficulty when you feel more comfortable with your skill or have more weapons in your arsenal.

Some of the achievements are gained by just completing the world map. For example, you unlock all the weapons except the molebear trap, shovel, and armor by the fifth location. When you beat the entire world map, you unlock infinite levels for Survival Mode. Most achievements are gained by performing specific tasks in a level. To unlock the armor, you must get 100% accuracy in the Arctic Tundra Round 4.

*Hint* You can unlock the same achievement in lower difficulties and still be able to use the prize from the achievement for higher difficulties.


survivalSurvival Mode is just as the name implies: you must survive as long as possible. In Survival Mode, you “level up” based on your score. Each level up increases the difficulty by increasing the spawn rate, spawning more lairs, decreasing the spawn chance of easier molebears, and increasing the spawn chance of more difficult molebears. There are 4 difficulties for Survival Mode: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Extreme is only unlocked when you’ve completed the world map. Also in survival, items have the chance of spawning also, letting you use items without affecting your inventory or not even equipped. Drilling an item that’s equipped will increase your inventory. Survival starts by having max level of 20, then 40 when you beat Candy Paradise Round 3, then infinite levels when you complete the world map.


Custom mode is like a level editor. The player can pick the spawn rate, the spawn chance for each molebear and items, the kill count or time limit, the escape max, the landscape, and number of lairs. The power of the game designer is in the hands of the player.


Do you have an idea for a new game mode?

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