Molebears Outbreak

Molebears Outbreak


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“Syradine Games renews the genre” – Humanoid Insomiac

“The level creator game has make it one of the better games in the genre” – Best Apps Market

It’s Whack A Mole where the moles fight back! An evil scientist has combined a mole and a bear to create a creature with strength and stealth. Molebears are taking over the world and it is up to you to stop them!


Apparently, tapping and swiping multiple objects on a screen is pretty dang tough, especially when you have to remember which molebears to swipe and which molebears to tap. Many of my friends and family couldn’t get past level 3. Due to that, I’ve created skill levels you can choose, from beginner all the way up to maniac. Now, anyone should be able to get through the game, but the challenge is still there if you think you are good enough.


Molebears are created by an evil scientist who combined mole and bear attributes. They are tough, adaptive, and come in 12 different types, each with its own powers. Players, equipped with a hammer, golf club, drill, bombs, and other weapons are tasked to travel the world to defeat them. There are total of 10 different maps and 40 levels. As the player progresses, more and more types of molebears appear to test the player’s memory and reaction time. 27 Achievements offer even more goals to complete and Survival Mode will challenge even the most skilled players. Finally, Custom Mode allows players to define level type, goals, maps, and even molebear spawn rates.

“With custom mode, I’m curious to see what type of levels players create. With all the permutations, there is literally a billion ways to customize a level. A mother may create a slow, simple game for her child, an executive may create a steady paced game to unwind after a long day, or an avid gamer may dial everything to extreme to push his limit!” – Tuan Vu, developer at Syradine Games


  • TAP, SWIPE, or DRILL molebears into oblivion
  • 12 Unique Molebears
  • 3 Upgradable Main Weapons: Hammer, Club, Drill
  • 5 Upgradable Special Weapons + Armor
  • 10 Different Maps
  • 40 Levels
  • 4 Skill Levels: Beginner, Amateur, Expert, Maniac
  • Easy enough for a child, challenging even for hardcore gamers
  • 27 Achievements
  • Survival Mode with 3 Difficulties
  • Customizable Levels for Tons of Replayability


Screenshot_MolebearsScreenshot_LevelsScreenshot_Custom  Screenshot_Weapons

From the Developer

My Inspiration for Molebears Outbreak
Sketches for Molebears Outbreak

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