Game Impression Request


I’m constantly looking for new mobile games to try and write about. I mainly use an iPhone, since my Android phone is old. I am not calling my articles reviews because reviews generally have numbers or some type of criteria attached to them. My impressions can be anything from graphics to mood of the game, so I don’t have number system. Impressions are my own subjective view, so I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

About Myself

I’ve played games since 6 or 7, starting with the first Super Mario Bros for Nintendo. RPGs are my favorite type of game. I miss the days of games having a manual to read, because they also had pictures and told a story. They explained the complicated game play so that programmers can focus on creating great games, not create easy tutorial levels to teach you. I would literally spend 30 minutes to an hour reading a game’s manual before playing it.

I have no problem figuring out how to play a game. I think it’s part of the fun. I get a huge sense of satisfaction if I can figure out the game mechanics faster or better than other people (without the need for tutorials and wikis). All this means, I will not balk away if you don’t have tutorials in your game, but I will point it out in the impression because it’s so common place nowadays.

I hate repetitive games that just want you to score higher for the sake of bragging. I do like competing against myself to attain a tangible goal, that could be reaching max level or obtaining the ultra secret weapon so I feel godly. I hate pay to win, be social to win, and I hate advertisements if they detract from game play. I really like games that further improves the genre in some way.

Why am I doing this?

I created a game recently, which got very poor reception and coverage, mainly my own fault. So I do want to help other people get the coverage they deserve, so I’ll try to write an impression for as many indie games as possible. So, I will prioritize if you

  1. Are a Small Independent Developer
  2. Have a new game
  3. Have an older game with no coverage yet
  4. Are a decent human being
  5. Have a unique game idea
  6. Have a mobile game (preferable iPhone). Sorry, no Windows Phone right now
  7. If you have a promo code (iOS) and your game is not released yet, I can actually download the game before it’s available on the Appstore with the promo code. The game is “Ready for Sale” in Itunes Connect, letting you create promo codes, but you put the first available date in the future
  8. For iOS developers who haven’t published yet, here is my Device ID for games on TestFlight: 2ae2f12ad0b815f286c933cee599d1eaacf44ee3

I will decide whether the impression is published to my blog or an external site like IndieGraph. Please do not ask me for status.

How to submit

Simply fill in all the boxes below. Keep answers factual and short, but call out unique elements of your game.

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