Game Impression: Rusty Stings


This is my first “Game Impression” post, so bear with me. Today I downloaded and played ‘Rusty Stings‘, a free mobile game by Jungle Troll. I was going to write a description of the game, but decided against it because I can’t imagine doing that for every game impression I write about. The creator described it pretty well with just 3 words: “Double Finger Guillotine”. Visit the site to read more. So, let’s dive right in.

What caught my attention

The graphics. I like the menu screen background, it fit the mood well. Also, the attention to details of the gears, steam machine, and articles of dismemberment were exceptional. The sounds of the gears and steam puffing also added to the atmosphere.

What lost my attention

The pace of the game. There was little surprise and the difficulty level did not rise rapidly enough to keep my attention. I ended up letting myself get sliced after about 40 points just to see what would happen. The gears moved too slow and too far in between. Also, the font used was hard to read sometimes.

Overall Impression: Bored.

Maybe I didn’t play long enough. I see quite a few accomplishments to acquire, but I had no desire to. Increasing the difficulty curve and putting in more surprises may help the game, but I think there is something fundamentally non-stimulating about a game like this. I would like to be surprised by what the creator could come up with to spice up this type of genre.

Final Words

This is a good accomplishment no matter my impression. I wish I could draw and create mood as well as the developer. Just work on the game play and I may revisit this post. And remember, these impressions are just my own and has no basis on numbers or facts, it’s pure opinion so take them with a grain of salt.


I talked to the creator and he said the difficulty had to be toned down for other players. Sounds familiar…I had the same reception about the first release of my game. I created different skill levels to accommodate, but I think I could have done something better after reading this article: Difficulty: Challenge vs Frustration.  I definitely want to tweak the learning curve of my game now (even if no one downloads it).

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