My sketches for Molebears Outbreak

Here are my sketches for my first game: Molebears Outbreak. When I first tried to draw the characters and game objects straight on the computer, it was extremely hard. I was essentially trying to draw ideas from my head. Once I sketched the ideas out, they really started to take shape, letting me work out the details I couldn’t see in my mind.

It is so interesting to see my original sketch and what turned out on the screen. Some things remain accurate, while others became drastically different. For example, compare the molebears below to the ones in the What’s a molebear page. I keep the sketches in my phone to cheer me up in long meetings 🙂 Enjoy!!

Click to enlarge. See all my sketches here

weapons molebears3 molebears2 molebears1 landscape1 landscape3

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