My inspiration for Molebears Outbreak

I was going to start writing about my experiences creating Molebears Outbreak, but I thought it’d be better if I start from the beginning: what inspired me to make this game. One of my favorite games growing up was “The Legend of the Mystical Ninja“.


It had adorable characters, strange looking enemies, simple combat system and powerups, two types of game play (2d world + side scroller), incredible difficulty, several mini-games to make more money, and best of all: 2 player co-op! Well, guess what one of the mini-games were? Whack A Mole!

Whack A Mole consisted of 8 holes, 4 on the left corresponding to the D-Pad and 4 on the right for your buttons – X, Y, B, A. 3 different colored moles popped out of the holes, determining how hard they were so you had to prioritize which one you attacked. There were also 3 difficulties, with the hardest difficulty consisting of more percentages of the fastest mole. The moles would always start off steadily popping out, but towards the end, they were an endless torrent.

To me, this mini-game was so fun, I probably spent as much time playing it as I did the rest of the game. You can even play the mini-game with split screen, so you and your buddy could compare who was better.

When I heard about the touch capabilities of the iPhone, the first game I thought of was this mini-game. It’s been 6 years since the first iPhone release, and I’ve finally realized my dream of recreating and, I hope, improving the game I so loved as a child. Of course, since then, there’s been 40+ releases of Whack A Mole type games on mobile devices. I may not ever be famous for making video games, but I will never regret making Molebears Outbreak one bit.

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