I am an indie game developer

Here I am, 1:46 am in the morning, reading the devlogs of several indie game developers. I can’t stop. Their stories are fascinating, sad, elated, depressed, exhausted,  so on and so forth; every single emotion I have felt throughout the past year and a half. But, it wasn’t until I read this post from KillMondays did I realize: I am an indie game developer.

I have always been reverent to the word “indie”. Indie developers, to me, are people who are brave and inspiring. Some quit their mundane jobs and set out for glory, others have ideas so profound that the world takes notice. I have neither of these qualities. I am just a normal software developer working for a big company who creates whack a mole games in his spare time. My story would hardly be worth a blurb. Well, my opinion has changed. I still think all indie developers are brave and inspiring, but I’ve included extremely dedicated in the classification.

I’ve discovered after a year and a half of coding, drawing, researching, debugging, testing, and constantly thinking about the game, that I’m quite dedicated. Now that it’s releasable, going through the whirlwind that is marketing and PR, I realize, I’m pretty freaking dedicated. Suddenly, I am aware of the world around me, of the thousands of independent developers who have experienced what I am feeling. We just want to create goodness, but the world may never know about it.

I just don’t feel it’s right that the sweat and tears of countless developers are not even given a chance. I wish I could donate to every game project in need on Indiegogo or Kickstarter. But, I hope to do something even better for them and the indie community. I hope to share with the world. Maybe people will listen to me, maybe not. I’m not worried. Just like marketing and PR, as long as I give it my best shot, I will be able to pass from this indie world with peace.



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